Why to conserve Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem  



Katavi-Rukwa harbours a true representation of miombo woodland in Tanzania.

It protects and conserves important wetlands of Katavi, Chada and Rukwa which are critical habitats for wildlife and essential water reserves for human livelihood in the dry season.

It consists of diverse range of spectacular landscapes – open grassland plains, rift escarpments, riverine forests, hills, Lake Rukwa and waterfalls.
It hosts a high large mammal biomass, harboring one of the highest density of hippos in the world, critical stopover for migratory birds and a variety of wetlands and miombo woodland bird species.
It protects and conserves worship and historical sites for local communities and shows African history.
It is a core area for the new Western Tourist Circuit including Lake Tanganyika, Kigoma, Katavi and Kitulo National Parks.

Against this background, Friends of Katavi was formed in 2007. Working with all stakeholders it aims to safeguard the future of Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem by:

Increasing interest in, and support of Katavi-Rukwa, both locally and internationally, by organizing talks and guided tours both in the Park and in the surrounding ecosystem, writing informative articles in the local media and providing a forum for discussion on issues impacting upon the Ecosystem.
Keeping abreast of developments around the Ecosystem in order to influence any decisions that could block migratory routes or otherwise adversely affect the wildlife.
Assisting the Protected Areas managements through staff infrastructure development, capacity building, equipment, visitor education, game counts and research.
Improving relations between the PA managements and neighbouring communities through conservation education.
Collaborating with other groups or donors to support sustainable human development activities that are consistent to wildlife conservation and its wise use.
Fund raising for special projects and events benefiting the Protected Areas and the communities in the Ecosystem.


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