Publications and Reports  

    The following bibliography contains some references to publications and relevant reports for Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem.

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Banda, Tassila, Nathan Mwangulango, Britta Meyer, Mark W. Schwartz, Frank Mbago, Michael Sungula and Tim Caro (submitted to Forest Ecology and Management, 2007): The woodland vegetation of the Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem in western Tanzania.

Kiffner, Christian , Matthias Waltert, Britta Meyer, Michael Mühlenberg (2008): Response of lions (Panthera leo LINNAEUS 1758) and spotted hyaenas (Crocuta crocuta ERXLEBEN 1777) to sound playbacks. Afr. J. Ecol., 46, 223–226.

Waltert, Matthias, Britta Meyer, Mussa Wilson Shanyangi, Johannes Balozi, Omari Kitwara, Steven Qolli. Hubert Krischke, Michael Mühlenberg (2008): Foot surveys of large mammals in woodlands of western Tanzania. Journal of Wildlife Management 72(3):603–610.

Waltert, Matthias; Meyer, Britta; Kiffner, Christian; Mühlenberg, Michael (2008): Effects of habitat on distribution and density of large African woodland herbivores. Afr. J. Ecol. xx, xxx-xxx.

unpublished reports and handbooks:

Katavi Rukwa Ecosystem (Britta Meyer, J.J. Balozi, Mussa W. Shanyangi, Nathan Aden Mwangulango, Steven Qolli, unpubl. report, KRCD project, GTZ/ECO-AGEG, 2005).

Water Scarcity – natural dynamics or man made? (Britta Meyer, Nicholas Kisambuka, unpubl. report, KRCD project, GTZ/ECO-AGEG, 2006).

Technical Manual for the Katavi Rukwa Ecological Monitoring Programme. (Britta Meyer, unpubl. manual, KRCD project, GTZ/ECO-AGEG, 2006).

Description of the Katavi Rukwa Ecological Monitoring Programme. (Britta Meyer, unpubl. manual, KRCD project, GTZ/ECO-AGEG, 2006).

Manual for field observations during patrols. (Britta Meyer, unpubl. manual, KRCD project, GTZ/ECO-AGEG, 2006).

Collection of maps of the Katavi-Rukwa ecosystem. (Britta Meyer, unpubl. report, KRCD project, GTZ/ECO-AGEG, 2006).

Assessment of Ecological Monitoring in Tanzania: Gaps, needs, ecological issues, activities, methods and expertise. (Britta Meyer, J.J. Balozi, unpubl. report for Tanzanian National Parks, KRCD project, GTZ/ECO-AGEG, TANAPA, 2004).

Selected References and Authors for Katavi-Rukwa
(full list of publications and reports is currently being compiled by a FOKE member)

Some authors who have written &

published about the area:

Borgerhoff Mulder, M.
Caro, T.M.
Coppolillo, P.B
Kiffner, C.
Kikula, I.S
Lewison, R.
Mafuru, P.M.B.
Meyer, B.
Mlengeya, T.
Mwanri, Y.O.
Rodgers, W.A.
Schwartz, M.W.
Vesey-Fitzgerald, D.
Waltert, M.

Additional selected references:

Tanzanian Parks/Wildlife Division [TANAPA/WD] (2004): Katavi Rukwa Lukwati ecosystem management plan. Tanzanian National Parks/Department of Planning and Projects Development Wildlife Division, with assistance of Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), and Katavi Rukwa Conservation and Development project (KRCD), Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Tanzania Wildlife Conservation Monitoring, 2000. Wildlife Census: Katavi-Rukwa. Draft Results.

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