Our Motivation & Philosophy  


We – the founders of Friends of Katavi Ecosystems- as a group of people who have all had the luck to work in Katavi National Park and surrounding areas felt that we need to do something for this beautiful part of the world. We have all been confronted with the impact of poverty, corruption and the improper implementation of development activities. We have seen in other parts of the world what we do not want to see happening in our beloved Katavi Rukwa Ecosystem.

Our motivation evolves from the deep love for nature and people and the honest believe that it is possible to live in a sustainable manner not against but with nature.

Our spirit is filled with honesty and energy. We want to change something with our work and we want to reach the goals together with the local communities‘ wishes.


If you really want something

and work hard

and take advantages of opportunities

and never give up,

you will find a way.

Follow your dream.

Jane Goodall



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