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We need you!

Please contribute with your membership to our projects. We also are very thankful for financial contributions and your volunteering hand&brain.

Membership is currently composed and open to individuals, private companies, government institutions, national and international NGOs whose activities and operations either impact on natural ecosystems or are impacted on by Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem and are interested in the status of the landscape.

As a natural ecosystem Katavi-Rukwa provides services vital for human existence. However, its integrity is now increasingly threatened.

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By joining FOKE you will:

  • Support preservation of this unique and wild habitat by enhancing ability to carry out our functions.
  • Help us identify and address emerging Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem issues and threats.
  • Raise awareness on the importance of Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem integrity.
  • Help advocate and implement sustainable policies and practices to protect Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem.
  • Encourage building capacities of local communities to manage and benefit from wise use of Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem resources.
  • More importantly, you will help the government achieve its obligations on sustainable development through your membership.
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