Threats to the Katavi Rukwa Ecosystem  


Rapid human population growth has resulted in over use and conversion of large proportion of the landscape into agricultural areas leading to the reduction of wildlife habitats and closure of migratory corridors.
Lack of conservation education and awareness among the local communities in the ecosystem. Lack of comprehensive approaches in community development programmes and schooling system.
Degradation due to poor agriculture and mining practices and unsustainable irrigation
Immigration of large livestock herds and overgrazing, wild fires and deforestation which are also causing water pollution and siltation of Lakes Katavi, Chada and Rukwa.
Lack of equitable use of water resources in the catchment areas and along the major river causeways by blocking and damming the rivers resulting in mass die-off of wildlife and livestock downstream.
Wildlife stays for unusually long periods without flowing water due to illegal blocking of rivers and irrigation.
Poaching of wild animals and unsustainable illegal harvesting of plants leading to local extinction of animal and plant species.
Higher levels of poverty, illiteracy and other social malaise leading to poor ability to economic emancipation.



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