Information on Katavi National Park  


Tourist Attractions inside the park

Scenic beauty and many animals at Lake Katavi and Ilyandi sandridge
Many water fowls at Lake Katavi
Katabi's tree, the sprit of Katavi lives there (14km from the airstrip, a twin pair of Tamarindus indica and Fadherbia albida trees)
The view of the two escarpments of the Rukwa Rift Valley from Mbuga Nyeupe: Lyamba lya Mfipa in the west and Mlele escarpment in the east
Wamweru Hills, where Katabi‘s wife Wamweru stays
Kapirula, a view across the start of the Katisunga Mbuga
Large herds of animals at Magogo Pools
The woodlands of the inselbergs of Kapimbye, Kapapa and Igongwe
Large herds of animals and many lions at Katisunga Mbuga and Kasima Springs
The ghostly Marula and Msawala woodlands on the way to Ikuu
Katuma valley at Ikuu with large aggregations of topis, impalas, zebras, buffaloes and elephants in the dry season  
Hippo schools at Ikuu springs and Ikuu bridge
Crocodiles in caves in the Katuma riverbed at the old bridge
Elands at Lake Katavi, Kataukasi and Kakonje Mbugas
Lake Chada and surrounding Acacia tortilis woodlands with many giraffes and vervet monkeys
Kavuu River, the outlet of Lake Chada, which feeds lake Rukwa further downstream
Mbuga ya Duma - famous for the rare sightings of cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) in Katavi
Kapapa river and the palm tree woodlands (Borassus)
Kapapa River and its pools harbouring large numbers of crocodiles
Paradise springs with palm trees along the Ngolima Ilyandi and large aggregations of hippos, zebras and buffaloes in the dry season – all fighting for the scarce water


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